March 20th, 2009

Hola Amigos!  Today is the big day!  Or tonight, shall I say.  Twilight will be released on DVD at midnight - hope you're going to a party!  You dont know yet?  Well, check where there is one near you!  Go to and find a party by simply typeing in your zip code.  Do ya'll remember Kim Stevens?  My updater awhile back?  Well, although she is not active as a poster, she's still in our community, and changes our layouts and does updates from tome-to-time.  She'll be at Barnes and Noble on Hilton Head, SC (with her guitar...?) getting a taste of the fans and who her audiences are, as she plans to host a convention for whatever comes next.  Anyways, go there.  I, unfortunatly, cannot go to one, as I have to work - NOOOO!  But I'll be there in spirit!  Here is the news:

Recently, Kristen Stewart participated in a documentary about rape.  These videos can be seen at the bottom of this post.  THis is great, and I really hope all you girls watch it.  It's worth it, and very informative.  Enjoy, and be safe.  Especially tonight.  You never know what could happen.

Watch this!  This is the ad for the New Twilight deluxe soundtrack.

Click here to find out if any of the Twilight stars will be at a release party near you!

Borders has a video of the cast doing a promo for New Moon.  Check it out here.

LaineyRumors has gossip!  They believe that the cliff diveing scenes are being filmed right now... just a little update.

Go to the bottom of the page here to take the Twilight Movie Quiz!

Hot Topic is selling Twilight Baseball uniforms in stores only!  They also have more posters, and key caps!

March 18th, 2009

Hello!  Here's the news as of of news today:

Here are some videos from Catherine Hardewick's event for "The Director's Notebook":

Here is what is RUMORED for the Wolf Pack Cast.  Remember - these are not final.  The actors were seen on set, so we'll see.  Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black
Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley
Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara
Alex Meraz: Paul
Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call
Bronson Pelletier: Jared
Tinsel Korey: Emily

According to Ashley Greene (Alice), there will be more of Edward in New Moon.  SHe also love's Taylor's new body.  Read her interview here:

Stephenie Meyer's site has been updated with DVD info here:


Thanks Everyone!


March 17th, 2009

Goodday to all!

I am sooooo super sorry for the past several monthes.  I closed the site since news was minimal and updates were slow.  I'll do a mega post here, and catch you all up over the next week or so.  A post about everything is new in the journal.  This is about the new layouts, and what is to come of TW.  As you can see, TW is bigger and better than ever.  With more promiseing pageviews, a new layout, and special features *coming soon*, we'll hopefully put ourselves up with the others again.  Anyway, here are some updates...

As we all should be knowledgable of, Twilight will be on DVD saturday.  Check your Barnes & Noble's, Walmarts, and BOrders stores for midnight release parties!

Pre-order you Twilight DVD Copy on iTunes.

According to a video that my web browser is not allowing me to post, Kristen will not be cliff diving in New Moon.

Oh, and it's true.  Dakota Fanning WILL play Jane.  My opinions on this are in the journal.

Gracias.  More later this week!

Kat P.