Midnight Sun

Hello Everyone.  This page used to be the home of a petition to help support Stephenie Meyer and Midnight Sun.  Now that I have done more research, I have found a more successful petition on another website.  www.supportmidnightsun.com is a website especially dedicated to a petition to continue with Midnight Sun, and creation of a care package for Stephenie Meyer.  Their petition was at 4500 signatures, while ours was at 52.  Therefor, our petition no longer exists.  The new petition is an ipetition, that requires your name and email (comment optional).  But don't worry.  I took the names of people who already signed and put them on the petition under the site's email address, so that your emails and innformation wasn't all over the place.  I do encourage everyone who hasn't signed to do so, and if you did sign, to sign again under a different name or email address.  Thanks everyone!

P.S. Here's a few links:
to the support homepage - www.supportmidnightsun.com
to the petition (directly) - http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savemidnightsun/signatures.html

The petition site may ask you to donate, but that is not required.  After you sign, it will bring you to a donation window.  From there, just go back to the Support Midnight Sun homepage, and continue with your day!  But please, do donate, or sign the petition as much as possible!  People dream about this book, and some of us need it to survive!  :)