5:52 PM EST

Hey!  Guess who?  It's KAT!  I betcha didn't know that.  Lol.  Well, I have alot to discuss, so please bare with me while I seal away my heart to all who care.

1. Why did Twilight Weekly go under closure?  Good question.  Twilight Weekly wen't down for 2 months - January and February - simply because of unpopularity, boredome, and little news to throw at our readers.  What do you expect me to do?  Entertain everyone with what's going on in my life?  Unless you're a musical theater obsessive, that wouldn't work out so well, now would it?  Since New Moon has began filming, and our DVD is coming out, I thought I should re-open with a new look and new features.  Reincarnation.  I hope you all can forgive me.  You guys have one last chance.  If popularity continues to slope downhill, I will close in a month.  This isn't a threat.  ...Well, actually, it kind of is.

2. What's with the new design?  All part of our spring cleaning.  I wanted a fresh start, so this is what's happening.  Don't like it?  Just post on one of the chat rooms.

3. You mentioned new features.  What will there be?  I'm not makeing any garuntees, but I have some ideas.  podcasts, contests, fan of the monthes, and more will hopefully be established really soon.  Check the poll on the homepage for more on that.

Thanks for sticking with us!  I really love you guys!

Kat Pentazich.