EVERYONE!  Twilight Weekly is holding it's first ever official contest!  Twilight Weekly needs a new banner to advertise!  And we want YOU to make it!

The Contest:
Make a banner (useing whatever you wish) that is Twilight related and avertises Twilight Weekly.

The Rules:
1. Must be appropriate
2. CAN have the direct link to the site, but I'll finish it if nessescary.
3. Must be 100x35
4. NO STEALING!  If I find you ahve taken a banner from another site, you will be disqualified
5. Must mention Twilight Weekly on it
6. CAN flash, change picture, ect.  BE CREATIVE!

What Happens?:
I'll pick the top five, and you and your friends can vote here!
The winner will get a prize (It's a surprise for now, but I may just get so excited that I announce it prior to the win)

Deadline: April 10th, 2009!

E-Mail your entries to