Hi everyone!  First off, I want to say thank you for visiting Twilight Weekly-The #1 News Source featuring Stephanie Meyer's fabulous series.  I would very much appreciate if we could keep the chatroom CLEAN, and any innapropriate comments, as well as plot spoilers will be removed.  I created this site for  enjoyment, not to discuss spoilers.  Please stay on topic, and keep this particular blog only for questions and comments to eachothers' opinions, and my journal entries with news and updates, as well as MY opinions.  Please also note that these rules are made only because I love you guys!  Thanks, Kat.


    Quizilla Account

    YAY!  We now own a Quizilla account (www.quizilla.com) so that I can make quizzes for you guys!  YAY!  My username is twi1ightgr1, so search for me!


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