Movie Cast - Who they are, How you know them.

Isabella Swan-Kristin Stewart (Into the Wild, Jumper, What Just Happend, Porche Commercial)

Edward Cullen-Robert Pattinson (HP-Goblet of Fire, HP-Order of the Phoenix, How to be, Little Ashes)

Charlie Swan- Billy Burke (Untraceable, Three Days to Vegas)

Carslile Cullen-Peter Facinelli (Reaper, Finding Amanda, 6 Feet Under)

Esme Cullen-Elizabeth Reaser (Grey's Anatomy, Stubs)

Rosalie Hale-Nikki Reed (Reaper, American Gun)

Alice Cullen-Ashley Greene (Crossing Jordan, Shark, Otis)

Jasper Hale-Jackson Rathbone (Hurt, Senior Skip Day)

Emmet Cullen-Kellan Lutz (Prom Night, Strife, Deep Winter)

James-Cam Gigandet (Making Change, Never Back Down)

Laurent-Edi Gathegi (Gone Baby Gone, My Bloody Valentine)

VIctoria-Rachelle Lefevre (American Summer, Life on a Stick)

Jessica Stanley-Anna Kendrick (Rocket Science, Camp)

Jacob Black-Taylor Lautner (Sharkboy and Lavagirl, He's a bully Charlie Brown)

Angela Weber-Christian Serratos (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Cowbelles)

Mike Newton-Michael Welch (Numb3rs,The Grind, Day of the Dead)

Renee-Sarah Clarke (Life, The Coloney, Alibi)

Billy Black-Gil Birmingham (California Indian)

Sam Uley-Solomon Trimble (DEBUT!)