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Hello!  I'm Kat Pentazich, the owner and founder of a gloriously popular Twilight Community we like to call Twilight Weekly!  Twilight Weekly is a new and interactive site that discusses news, rumors, and everything about the Twilight Saga - from the books to the movies.  We appreciate you reading this, and hope you find entertainment through us.  We apologize for our recent closure, but we touch on this more in the Journal.  Despite our name, Twilight Weekly is currently updateing every few days.  This will change once more volunteers have been recruited, but for now, we ask you to trust us when we say that you'll never be deprived of Twilight news.  Our sidebar is located at the top of the screen (^), so feel free to browse.  We have a newsfeed, which is manned by myself and volunteers, and features the daily news.  We also have photos and video clips of the film, as well as the cast list, which convieniently mentions how you may know them.  Our "Ask" and "Connect" pages are both mini-blogs - the first being a section where you can ask any of us a question, and the second being a place to connect with other users.  The "Journal" is our (the volunteers) place to discuss our feelings about things.  And for you all, we feature pages on "Midnight Sun", which was/may be Stephenie Meyer's next Twilight Novel, Useful Links, and a list of things to do.  Also, we urge you to especially chack out our Affliates page, buy tickets from (from the link of the "Buy Tickets" page).  We continue to progress in development, so please do bear with us.  COMING SOON: Twilight Weekly - The Podcast!  Thanks for reading!

Twilight Forever,
Kat Pentazich
Twilight Weekly

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