Buy Twilight Tickets

Hello Everyone!  First, thank you for choosin gto view this page.  Usually any page with the word "buy" i it people tend to ignore.  Anyway, Twilight Weekly was recently offered a partnership oppertunity with Fandango, which is a really cool website that allows you to buy movie tickets ahead of time.  I use it frequently, and it's quick and easy.  Anyway, a representitive e-mailed us with the deets, and we accepted.  If you haven't already noticed, we now have Twilight banners floating all over our site that adveratise you to enter sweepstakes, get downloads, and buy movie tickets to our favorite future film.  Let me explain to you what this does for Twilight Weekly.

When you click on any of the bubbles with adveratisements for Fandango, you can easily do whatever the bubble advertised.  With that, Twilight Weekly will recieve a certain income of profit from whatever you pay for.  But why should you do it?  What are the benifits?

When you buy a ticket from Fandango ahead of time, you are garunteed a seat at the desired theater, because Fandango registers it with the theater itself.  On opening day, it is very likely that Twilight will be sold out in most cities and towns, so why not be safe?  But the things it does for us here at Twilight Weekly?  Well, it helps our site immensly.

You see, Twilight Weekly is currently a free site.  We do not have a registered domain.  That's why Twilight Weekly has the .weebly in the site address.  If we had a domain, Twilight Weekly would simply be, and that would rock.  But that costs money that we don't have.  That would be one of the things that these movie ticket sales would go to. Another thing would be to a fund that would help us to get you our own coverage of events.  We're talking interviews and things or of OWN, not stuff that we paste from others.  That would be cool for all of us.  We could also do more sweepstakes and contests.  All in all, this move will benifit all of us, but we really need your help.

Please so this for us and for yourselves.  Click on the links on the tops or bottoms of the pages to help us evolve as a fan site.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS: If you simply go to and order, it does NOTHING for us.  You HAVE to click on one of our site links.  Thank you so much!  We love you guys!

Kat & Kim